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Configure Ghost on Dreamhost VPS

If you have a Dreamhost VPS, you can install and run NodeJS applications. These instructions demonstrate how to install, and run the Ghost blogging platform; they also provide a good road map for hosting NodeJS apps in general. More on Ghost

Default system fonts on mobile platforms

Tinytype is a great resource, charting all the system fonts available on major mobile platforms.

Related posts in your WordPress template

Since most visitors to Abouthalf.com are coming from Google or Twitter, I thought I would make it easier for folks (and Google) to find related content. Previously, a “link” formatted post would have precious little there beyond my commentary and the link itself. Likewise a picture post would have a picture and nothing else. To […]

Continuing evidence mounting for the jQuery backlash

Choosing Vanilla JavaScript. via An A List Apart

Conditional comments unsupported in IE11‘s emulator

Since version 9, Internet Explorer has included some very good developer tools, including an emulator which allowed you to view a web page using an earlier version. This allowed for you to do quick and dirty testing of your site in various versions of IE. However, IE 11’s emulator does not support conditional comments. “Conditional […]

You Might Not Need jQuery

You Might Not Need jQuery, maybe. This site provides a quick look-up for native browser implementations of features developers commonly rely on jQuery for. I suspect this is part of the beginning of the jQuery backlash. Of course if jQuery ever gets a build system, like Modernizr, it would be possible to get just, say, […]

Creating a zip file with PHP’s ZipArchive

Rob Allen demonstrates how to create a ZIP archive with PHP 5.2. Handy.


Khoi Vinh brought my attention to a shiny new free typeface, Fénix with sturdy serifs and strong lines. Also available as a Google Web Font.

Get Started With GitHub Pages Plus Bonus Jekyll

Create a static website with Jekyll and host it with GitHub pages.

Full-Stack JavaScript With MEAN And Yeoman

Addy Osmani talks about the MEAN stack for web application development and scaffolding applications with Yoeman. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular, running atop Node. Neat!