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Facebook in the news

Facebook is starting a Political Action Committee. (Facebook, and most major tech companies employ lobbyists – Facebook has been ramping up their presence in DC)

Facebook is scaring Dave Winer – Dave Winer writes about ‘frictionless  sharing’ – a feature of where sites who partner with Facebook can automatically post to your news feed (and therefore to your friends and creepy  subscribers)

Nik Cubrilovic does a little testing and notes that  you never really log out of Facebook – meaning that all the “like” buttons you see on other sites know who you are and what you’re looking at even if you’re not logged in. A person commenting on that article claims to be Facebook engineer; he claims that Facebook never uses this data for tracking, but this Wall Street Journal article contradicts that stating the data is used and then totally deleted. You can trust us.

After a couple of days, and a lot of noisy web traffic, Facebook works with Nik Cubrliovic to explain itself and it’s cookies and fixes a bug (which left your user id in an undeleted cookie)

If you can’t quit Facebook, because otherwise there’s no way to get Gramma’s cookie recipes, you should consider using a browser extension like Incognito which blocks all this cookie tracking nonsense.