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I’ll have to try this

This week I ran across four things I’d like to try.

Steak, extremely rare

Michael Ruhlman explains how to make Steak Tartare (safely) at home. I’ve only had this dish a few times, but I’ve always enjoyed it. If I make it at home as a treat then I have another excuse to put a poached egg on something.

Adorable Meme

There’s this internet meme where people take a picture of themselves holding up a photograph. The background of the photo they are taking and the photo they are holding (in the photograph) are the same place..usually the held photograph was taken many years earlier. It’s sort of a time capsule photo. This would be fun to try…except all my photos are digital now (maybe I could hold up my phone with a photo on it). Holding up a photoshopped photo of the location in the future would be a hilarious spin. Flying cars and whatnot. Just sayin’

ePub3 and eBooks on the iPad

Go check out this demo of what’s possible in an eBook on iBooks for iOS. iBooks uses WebKit (the important part of the Safari web browser and Google’s Chrome web browser) to display eBooks. eBooks themselves are just bundles of HTML with a few additions and an xml file to tell the reader application which order to display content (I’m over simplifying, but not by much). Because iBooks uses WebKit, all sorts of HTML 5 goodness is available within an eBook, including embedded video, audio, embedded slideshows, custom fonts, etc. The group that authored that video also has a downloadable demo eBook to show how they put some of these bits together. I’d like to try mocking up a quick fakey magazine style eBook as an experiment. When I see what is possible, I have to wonder why magazine publishers are running to Adobe instead of publishing as ePub. One could just sell individual issues (DRM’ed for freshness) in the iBookstore today. A magazine ‘wrapper’ application could open ePubs in a ¬†webkit view like iBooks does and provide navigational features like Adobe’s ¬†Digital Publishing Suite. And since ePub is an open format, neither the publisher nor the consumer would be locked into an expensive delivery mechanism.

The to-do list all the cool kids are clicking

Wunderlist showed up in the Mac App Store recently so I decided to give it a spin. Wunderlist has gotten a lot of praise for its UI design, and it certainly is pretty. I’m going to give it a whirl this weekend.Wunderlist is multi platform with a web app and versions for Windows , iPhone, and Android. The critical feature is that Wunderlist syncs all your todos to their cloud service and makes them available on all devices (so you can share the same todo list at work, on your phone, at home etc). It also has a snazzy icon.

Wunderlist icon

Wunderlist application icon for Mac OS

The Hit List also left beta recently, to much rejoicing. The Hit List is also available in the Mac App Store and provides a free trial download at their site. It’s a fully featured task management application for Mac OS only.