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Mac Lab at Microsoft's Mac Business Unit

I ran across this today:

Basically a virtual tour of the Mac lab at Microsoft.

Pretty impressive. It reminds me a little of when I was teaching (though our lab was a little — er — less well equipped)

It’s also a good reminder that Microsoft and Apple are not mortal enemies, or polar opposites. There’s a lot of passion in both camps about what they do, and how they do it.

While it’s true that Apple and Microsoft are competitors in certain markets — they’ve been BFF on and off for years.

Microsoft’s office products debuted on the Mac back in the day. Microsoft also invested in Apple right after Steve Jobs re-took the helm (to the tune of millions). Apple always lovingly trots out the latest offerings from Microsoft at their developers’ conferences.

It’s a love-love-hate-sometimes hate-mostly love-we like you but we’re going to make fun of you anyway relationship.