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Martini | Michael Ruhlman

Michael Ruhlman rants against vodka martinis.

I understand his pain, but his recipe is too dry. 3 parts gin to 1 part vermouth, people. At a 5 to 1 ratio, you may as well just drink gin on the rocks.

Also, don’t keep your vermouth at room temperature – unless you consume it quickly. Vermouth is wine. It spoils.

He is right that it’s hard to get a well made martini in many places. That’s because most bartenders are taught how to make Vodka martinis, which is basically just chilled and shaken vodka (fine if you like that sort of thing bro). They simply substitute gin when asked. This results in a cocktail that tastes cold, antiseptic, and like a waste of money.

Here in Portland, though, you can find many bartenders who know what they’re doing.