Hi, I'm Michael Barrett

I completed a Master of Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I found my way into a software development career, working primarily as a front-end engineer but also working with web service and API development in Java, C#, and Python.

I have worked extensively with cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and has worked with container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes. Lately, I likes to say "JAMstack" in meetings to see if anyone notices.

I prefer VisualStudio Code as my JavaScript editor on macOS. I prefer Procreate on the iPad for painting. I prefer Sketch on macOS for creating web graphics. PixelmatorPro is pretty nice too.

This site

This site is like a sketchbook that keeps going and going. This site pulls snapshots, found images, and digital paintings into a long streaming grid of pictures. I cross post this grid on Instagram.

This site is a static website, created using the NextJS and ReactJS frameworks and hosted at Netlify. It should work reasonably well in modern browsers.


I keep a newsletter at Substack. I perodically write about my art, work, life, and stuff I like.