Iterative art

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I have continued adding things to - things like apostrophes, quotes (smart quotes!), a question mark, and the critically important octothorp.

I was talking to a coworker and he remarked that I really needed a percent sign (%) and I realized I probably needed an ampersand (&) and a dollar sign ($) too. And while I’m at it, why not all 95 printable ASCII characters?

It goes beyond being a series of images and becomes an iterative artwork (with release notes). I like this idea. It’s not really “done” - one day I will stop adding things, but in principle I could always add more imagery, or change a feature of the web app, or something and it would be alive again.

I like this. This ties in nicely with the second big idea I gleaned from “Post Internet” — that art in the internet age is a performance in real time by the artist, mediated over the internet. Continually updating a piece of net-art and sharing those changes takes the viewer with you as you change and revisit. That’s nice.

Michael Barrett

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