Studio sale

The gallery which has hosted some of my art will be closing its doors soon. It has been a great experience, I met some wonderful folks.

A box arrived with what remains of my 2020 Uniqlo series. These paintings mark the first steps in my current painting practice of mixing printed digital art with real actual paint. I wrote about these paintings back when I participated in a local art walk.

Each painting is 12ʺ ✕ 12ʺ (the size of a vinyl record), acrylic, inkjet, and mixed media on canvas mounted on wood panel. The panels are 1ʺ thick, and ready to hang.

I’m offering these for $50, including shipping costs.

I’d love to give these paintings a new home. If you’re interested, please drop me a line at mb @

Over the shoulder 1 and 3

These were the first attempts at this series. Number 3 has a great visual effect caused by both the printer heads clogging and running out of two colors at the same time. I love how the “language” of the printer comes through.

Winter sky 1 and 2

With these two paintings I wanted to upset expectations by putting elements in the wrong places, with the wrong colors. The sun is blue, the figure is upside down.

Sunrise 2

This is a riff on “Winter sky” - but I’m allowing some photography to sneak in. The upside down skyline becomes a sort of reflection in a pond.

Denim Jacket 1

In this painting I started to let some of the sketchy elements sneak through. Usually when I make a digital painting, I have several layers of sampled colors, quick sketches, and reference lines to help me line up the figure. Here those begin to peek through.

Hooded 1

In “Hooded 1” I began to bring in shapes beyond simple geometric shapes. The circles and squares in the other paintings referenced logos and color options in clothing ads. Now I have a cold-front and a giant jelly bean invading her space. Good thing she has a jacket.

Beanie 2

This is one of the last in this series. At this point I started showing the underdrawing and color palette for the painting along with the paint. Here the bright blue squares are sort of the inverse of the Uniqlo logo.

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