The center of the earth is full of ghosts

It’s easy to be skeptical about the existence of ghosts. Sightings are so very rare, and given the vast scale of history with so many things having once lived, we should be up to our armpits in ghosts all the time, right?

Well there’s a very simple explanation for this. Yes, there are millions, even trillions of ghosts, and more every day. But we don’t encounter them often because ghosts all eventually make their way to the center of the earth.

“What? Why?” you might be asking. Do they choose to go there? Is that where hell is? Well for one, no, ghosts don’t have much choice in the matter, much like you can’t choose to fall up. And while the center of the earth isn’t technically hell, we know hell is other people and, for ghosts, hell is probably other ghosts.

So to explain: First we must establish what a ghost is. I don’t mean metaphysically - you might think a ghost is a spirit with unfinished business on earth. Who knows? Ask one if you get the chance. I mean: what is a ghost materially?

If something exists is must be energy or matter.

Think of the properties we think we know about ghosts:

We can see ghosts: So ghosts must reflect or emit light, therefore they must be energy or matter

We can hear ghosts: So ghosts must create sound waves by disturbing the air around them. So again, ghosts must be made of energy or matter.

Ghosts can pass through walls: Now this is interesting. We know radio can pass through solid objects and people. Otherwise your WiFi wouldn’t work in the bathroom. And radio is just a form of light - which is, depending upon your quantum mood, a wave of energy or a stream energetic particles. Now you might think that this means that ghosts can’t be made of matter. But think of neutrinos - those fast moving particles that stream right through all of us all the time and treat almost all matter as a transparent pane of glass in a sunbeam. Therefore ghosts are energy or a form of, albeit exotic, matter.

If we can agree that ghosts must be energy or matter, we can move on to gravity. Einstein, in his work on general relativity, introduced the concept of gravitational lensing. A massive object in space, like a star, a black hole, or a galaxy has a strong gravitational field. It bends space around it like a four-dimensional bowl. Light from stars behind our object, relative to our vantage point, will appear to bend around the massive body. There are great photos of this effect taken with telescopes.

A gravitational lens

This interesting little tidbit of science is to clarify that gravity affects energy as well as matter. The mass of the earth creates a gravitational “well” that directs your feet to the ground and bends the suns rays towards it.

Gravity affects both matter and energy. Ghosts are made of either matter or energy. Therefore, gravity must affect ghosts.

Remember our third property of ghosts? That they can pass through walls? Other than being vertically oriented, is a wall significantly different from the floor? For that matter is the floor much different from the earth below it?

I think you can see where I’m going. If ghosts pass through walls, they must pass through floors. And if ghosts pass through floors, they must pass through the earth below. Ghosts are affected by gravity. Therefore, without the resistance of the ground, which we know they must pass through, ghosts must, eventually, sink down to the center of the earth.

And this explains why ghost sightings are so rare and so seemingly unreliable. If you were to see a ghost right now, and run to get a friend to show them the ghost - well gravity accelerates at 9.8 meters per second squared. By the time you get back the ghost is already downstairs or even in the basement and moving fast.

This is why we don’t see ghosts very often and why the center of the earth is full of ghosts.


As a thought experiment, imagine that a being were to perish in an airplane and then became, emit, or otherwise released a ghost. That ghost would come into the world moving at the same velocity and altitude of the airplane. If the airplane was moving fast enough and high enough, it would be theoretically possible for this ghost to enter a stable low earth orbit and basically circumnavigate the earth forever.

Likewise if this airplane was going, perhaps too fast and flying too high the ghost might be ejected from earths’ s gravity and take up a long elliptical orbit in the solar system much like a comet or a rogue asteroid.

Such occurrences, though possible, would be exceedingly rare.

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