I think that all art is fundamentally autobiographical. Even the most obtuse, minimal conceptual art is telling you all about who the artist is and what they value.

My painting is sort of extended visual journaling. I find things, places, or spaces which move me and try to make paintings that move in the same way.

Recent painting

Most recently I've been inspired by the beutiful grit city Tacoma, WA. One painting from Mexico slipped in there too.

7 small paintings 2016

After a trip to New York, NY I decided to start painting again.

Early work

In May of 1999 I finished my Master of Fine Arts thesis and participated in a final exhibition. At the time I had just started learning web development and had gained some mastery of Photoshop.

I tried to combine the latter with painting by taking orignal photography, scanning, printing it, rescanning, layering, and trasnforming in Photoshop. Ultimately I showed 7 digital images printed large scale on water color paper.