Traditional and digital painting, net art

A work of art is a slab of time. The time it takes to create it, the time it takes to view it or understand it, and the time in which the work itself exists. This is part of the intrinsic value of art. Paint is just mud, pixels are numbers stored in a memory register. The application of time and intent gives them meaning and value.


Web sites

I make "Internet Art" in the form of web sites with a single idea or image enhanced with a little bit of animation or interactivity.

If this art is freely available on the public internet, then these pieces are digital murals. I like to project them on the wall.

Traditional painting

Most recently I've been inspired by the beutiful grit city Tacoma, WA. One painting from Mexico slipped in there too.

Digital painting

I paint digitally with a 9.7" iPad Pro and Apple Pencil using Procreate. I paint still life, figure and portrait studies, as well as more complex ideas.