I think a digital painting can be more than pixels on a screen. It can be responsive, filling its rectangular container. It can respond to your touch or your mouse. I like to experiment with digital paintings-as-websites which are slightly interactive.

These projects should work reasonably well in most modern web browsers.


Type something

Type a painting.

Shtacks is a piece of net art that lets you type a painting. Your text is immediately saved in the URL so you can share your creation, or you can download the painting as an image file.

Guacamole Tips

Guacomle Tips

Guacamole Tips is a web painting about waking up in a strange room in a strange place. And some tips about making guacamole.

Little Overripe

Don’t wait too long

Little Overripe is a web painting of breathing, undulating, avocados.

Do you have a pool?

Panopticon at reasonable rates

Do you have a pool? is a web painting of an infinite Motel 6 in the summertime.

Foggy Mirror

Draw with your finger

Foggy Mirror recreates the experience of a fogged bathroom mirror using your device’s front-facing camera. Draw with the mouse (or your finger on touch devices) to remove the fog.

Wet Paint, Don’t Touch

You’ll leave fingerprints

Tapping or clicking the painting leaves a mark.