Wallpaper your phone

These wallpapers were created using ProCreate on an iPad. They are 2662px square and should provide iOS users with a nice parallax effect on any iPhone or iPad. They are large enough that they should work well as a wallpaper for your laptop as well.

Each thumbnail links to the full-sized image. Share and enjoy!

Creative sideline

I like to sneak in a little creative work during the work week. On my commute I'll often take a simple, repeated image and build up layers, colors, and textures. Sometimes I'll do a quick re-interpretation of a famous style (like Constructivism). It's a good way to experiment, play with ideas, to practice my skills, and better learn my tools. But also they're just fun. They also make my morning train commute into something worth while. I wrote a little about these here.

At work I have my computer set up to rotate through these randomly every 30 minutes. The big bold splash of color is a nice surprise when I close a window.