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Interesting article with tips for optimizing SVG graphics for the web.

My favorite trick is using the OBJECT tag to deliver an SVG file while nesting a DIV tag with a css background image within the OBJECT tag as a fallback for older browsers. This prevents extra HTTP requests on SVG supporting browsers (they don’t render the internal DIV).

via Steven Sounders on Twitter

Tips For Optimizing SVG Delivery For The Web


Blogging, in order to be worthwhile to readers, must be consistent if not altogether current. This is not something I am good at. I go in fits and spurts. Lots to say, and then I get busy. Or distracted. And then nothing. I have doubts about blogging as a medium. Mostly for me, but also in general.

Between Tumblr, Twitter, and (barf) Medium I think the online writing space is pretty well cornered. I like having my own identity online – I prefer that over selling my soul to Faceborg or even Tumblr – but solo blogging is not a good fit for me. If I just wanted to crank out thoughts, one of these existing media is a better choice. They have communities and an audience built in. But, I’m not a diarist. I’m not a journalist. I don’t enjoy writing small, one off pieces. This works well for others, but not so much for me. When I’ve done this in the past, it felt forced. It was forced.

Having a place to post a thing I might want to look back on is nice. I like that. But that’s maybe not what I want a web site for.

Well now what? Well maybe I don’t need a WordPress site. WordPress is quite capable of many things, but mostly it’s for a blog. If all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a blog. If you’re not blogging, well that’s a problem.

The nerding community is all a twitter about static blogging engines – but that’s just the same problem with different moving parts.

I think this blog needs to take a back seat. Be pushed over to the side. Instead I’d like to, periodically, make things for the web. Singe page things that can live for a little while longer than an ephemeral blog post. Something that, if found on Google, might be relevant or at least enjoyable a year from now.

I guess I’m describing the archaic notion of a “web site” full of “web pages” organized by some “index” written in “html”.

John Gruber’s kid is a special breed.

A few years ago my wife went to a blend-your-own wine place for my Christmas present. This place guides you through making your own wine blend and bottling up the results. They offer a label printing service so you can make your custom blend into a special gift.

My wife wanted them to put my username, device55, in black Helvetica, set into a plain white rectangle. She gets me.

She told the label printer “it has to be Helvetica”. They assured her they’d use the right typeface. She explained all of this to me when Christmas arrived. I told her how much I appreciated her effort, and how closely she paid attention. I told her I loved her. I also had to tell her that they used Arial.

Special Breed