• I read an essay by David Hickey about this painting - “After the Prom” by Norman Rockwell and spoke about the composition of the painting in a way I had totally forgotten about.

    The top of the counter and the kick rail at the bar form two overlapping rectangles. The arms, knees, elbows and eye-lines form triangles pointed inward, focusing on the moment between the young couple. The angles leading you down from the girl’s smile, to the boys hands clutching her gloves, and back up to his grin.

  • Late October MegaGram. 27 images posted individually to Instagram which combine to create a single image.

    I captured snapshots while out walking in the cool autumn, thinking about how to paint trees.

  • Matthieu Venot creates tightly cropped photographs of architecture often framed by a clear blue sky.

  • This article about AI trained to create novel images is silly - but the work is interesting.

    They are significantly downplaying the amount human involvement in curating the training material (images or art) and the curation of the output.

  • If you make a quiche without a crust, does it become a frittata?

  • Swedish artist EKTA paints “uncommissioned” murals on walls - abstract, expressive street art.

    Decaying urban surfaces already look like abstract art. I love the idea of making that literal.

  • Quick profile painting

  • Quick painting

  • Portrait sketch

  • 5 minute portrait sketch

  • An October Mega-Gram. This image is a collage of photos and scribbles. Everything becomes canvas and paint when working digitally. Take a picture and draw on it.

  • I’m sure this is fine

  • I’m working at home a lot more often now - but I haven’t been the best at making good use of that time. It’s so easy to plunk away on the internet and waste a morning.

    When I was forced to leave the house by 7am to catch a train - I was much more diligent in my use of time. But now, if I’m not careful, 9am will roll around and I haven’t accomplished much.

    This week I’ve been trying to fix my behavior by getting up and doing something each day. Today I went for a run.

  • Sterling Bowen is making art from office supplies.

  • I spent a good portion of today reading Facebook and Instagram integration documents. These platforms are hostile to any sort of data egress. They are collapsing onto themselves like black holes.

  • S. Neil Fujita

    I bought a record player recently. I’ve been quietly lusting after one for about 3 years now. In my old neighborhood in Portland, there is a converted gas station which sells pizza. The cool kids working there play punk rock from a milk-crate full of vinyl. I want to travel through time and be them.

    One of the reasons I needed a record player was the art work. I love the big 12” square image tuned to the music behind it. One of my very favorites is Dave Brubeck’s Time Out.

    The cover is a bit of typography perched over a purple and orange abstract painting filled with circles, orbs, and motion.

    This morning I decided to use the google-machine and I learned that this album cover was designed by S. Neil Fujita - he created the layout, typography, and the painting.

    Fujita was hired by Columbia Records to create many of their album covers. Now that I know who he is, I realize I’ve seen his work everywhere.

    Oh, and he also created the cover art for The Godfather.

  • Finally mad room on my wall for this piece. I should rotate art like tires.

  • With the fog this boat seems to be sailing through the air

  • Portrait sketch

  • Wednesday night figure study

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