Hi, I’m Michael Barrett

I have an old blog around here somewhere.

I have been known to tweet about things.

Tell me more

I have a background in fine arts. I painted murals to pay my bills before graduate school. I dabbled in advertising for a tiny bit. I taught graphic design to Interior Architecture students. I learned to program accidentally. While I was working on the design for a small e-commerce website, the real programmer got upset, took his server, and went home. I cracked open a book and helped pick up the pieces. Most of my recent experience is developing HTML5 web applications. Previously, I worked a lot with the LAMP stack, making web applications. Lately, I’ve been learning about writing RESTful micro services in Java.

I’m a decent cook. I know a thing or two about cocktails. I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Skills and experience

If you’d like a complete résumé, please get in touch.

Team work

I’ve worked on Agile (Scrum) teams for several years. I’ve recently completed Scrum Master training. I’ve worked as a tech lead and team lead in my current and previous jobs. I get along well with creatives and other normal humans.


I have very advanced skills in front-end web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I’ve used both Sass and Less CSS processors, with a slight preference towards Less. I like to use NodeJS as a front-end build tool using Gulp or Grunt, and Browserify. I know my way around popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery and Angular.

In the past, I have worked on large web applications written in object-oriented PHP, backed by a MySQL database. Lately I’ve been working with Jersey for RESTful web services.